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How To Get A Lean & Ripped Six Pack Abs


There are literally hundreds of different abdominal workouts that you can choose from to get a shredded six-pack, and many people will have different opinions on which is the best, which gives you bigger or faster results. The truth is, if you want to get ripped and make your abs pop, you need to include a number of different ab exercises to make sure you’re working all muscles as well as the full range of motion and not just focusing on one single area or muscle group.

Although we call them the “abs”, this symbolizes a complete group of muscles. The majority of the time we also only ever refer to the“six-pack”, but what about all of the other abdominal muscles? In fact, if you find and count your ab muscles, you’ll be able to feel at least 10 prominent ab muscles, through the middle and the obliques at the sides. We’ll dive a little deeper into the “six-pack now.

The Six-Pack Myth

Have you ever counted your ab muscles…?? How many muscles can you feel? Sure, we all know about the standard 6 that sit up front and center, but what about your obliques, and lower abs? That’s right, these all make up your core muscles and are part of the “six-pack”, in theory, we really have a ten-pack if you include the full muscle group, but because these are harder to exercise and less visible if not trained properly, they tend to be ignored – Not on our watch!!

Build Your Six-Pack


There are three key things you need to focus on to not only build your abs but to also make them stand out and pop;

  1. Your Diet – Eat the right foods to fuel your body, not just foods to satisfy your hunger
  2. Strength Training – Use heavyweights to build the strength and size of your abs.
  3. Condition Training – High intense training will burn fat, leaving only lean muscle behind

Your Diet

This is the most important part of building lean ripped abs. They say that “abs are built in the kitchen, not the gym” …. well, this isn’t far from the truth.

You need to get yourself into the habit of eating on a more regular basis – little and often is not only a good way to keep your fuel and energy levels high, but also a fantastic method for building muscle and managing your weight. Eating meals with the little and often approach keeps your metabolism high throughout the day meaning your body is constantly burning and using food as fuel rather than allowing it to sit and be stored.

When it comes to what types of food you should be eating, I would recommend using the phrase “Carbs to go, protein to grow” to decide what you should be eating. Eating carbs is important but steer clear of saturated carbs. You’ll need to increase your protein intake to ensure continual muscle growth and recovery after each workout session.

If you take a normal healthy person’s diet for example where approx. 60% is carbs, 30% protein, 20% fats, and 10% sugars. You can make a quick change or improvement by trying to minimize the sugar intake, reduce the volume of carbs and increase the level of protein to approx 40%-45%.

Strength Training

When it comes to showing off your abs, there are two phases you need to consider; building bigger and stronger abs, then shredding the fat around them. In this “strength training” section, we’re going to look at building bigger abs, that you can then begin to show off!

Essentially, what I mean by strength training your abs, is performing ab workouts with increased resistance – more weight equals, more growth, which in turn means BIGGER AND BETTER GAINS!

Your core abdominal muscles are just like any other muscle, in that you need to use resistance training in order to increase their size and strength. Some of the exercises you can use are –

  • Barbell Ab Rollout
  • Russian Twists
  • Cable Crunches
  • Kettlebell Oblique Raises
  • Kettlebell Windmill
  • Press Sit-Ups

Condition Training

The abdominal workouts from strength training are all primarily using increased weights for resistance but in this conditioning section, our focus is on using your own bodyweight for resistance as well as introducing some fitness or cardio into your workouts.

You could be traditional and simply go for a run, cycle or sit on the static row machine, but I believe you can get much more benefit from completing a HIIT session.

The idea of a HIIT workout is to perform a number of exercises using mostly but solely, your body weight as resistance straight after each other with little to no resting time. You can complete the session at your own intensity depending on your skill and fitness level.


As well as increasing your heart rate through cardio and/or HIIT sessions, I would also recommend adding bodyweight resistance ab exercises into your routine. These are some of the best exercises to get ripped six-pack abs –

  • Ab Crunches
  • Raised Leg Crunches
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Front Planks
  • Side Planks
  • Lying Leg Raises

The Best Supplements

So you’ve been hitting the gym for months, if not years, and developing your six-pack is a continuous struggle. As I’ve already mentioned, building a ripped six-pack is a three-stage process –

  1. Diet
  2. Training
  3. Supplements

We’ve already gone through the diet and training phases and now we’re going to look at some supplements. Below I’ve listed 4 of the best steroids for getting ripped fast. These steroid supplements are from Crazy Bulk and although they’re commonly known as steroids they’re actually steroid alternatives and are a legal and safe alternative to anabolic steroids.

These steroid alternatives are engineered and manufactured using safe and natural ingredients – you get all the benefits for muscle building and fat burning with any of the nasty or negative side effects.

crazy Bulk Supplements


Anvarol is the ultimate safe steroid for increasing strength and burning fat whilst retaining lean muscle.

With a very powerful and fast-acting formula, Anvarol is a legal alternative to the anabolic steroid Anavar and is engineered to boost strength and energy by improving amino acid and creatine synthesis within muscle tissues.

This is the ideal steroid for any cutting cycle and has a proven record for stripping unwanted body fat and retaining muscle, giving you the perfect shredded look.

Anvarol Best Deal


Suitable for both men and women, like Anavrol, Winsol is great for boosting energy and strength but has a specific focus on increasing overall performance and power.

Being a safe and legal alternative to the anabolic steroid Winstrol, this is a steroid used by bodybuilders and athletes across the world due to its impressive results. Used for cutting and retaining lean, high-quality muscle, Winsol is designed to help you achieve the ideal ripped and rich hard beach body.

Winsol Best Deal


Testosterone….the origins of bodybuilding and muscle growth. Often seen as the “god father” of both bodybuilding and muscle growth anabolic supplements.

Engaging your natural testosterone production, Testo-Max targets this process putting you and your body in complete control of the testosterone you’re producing and the levels that you can safely handle.

Using extremely high-quality Tribulus Terrestris extract to increase hormone production, your testosterone levels are dramatically increased to the highest level you can naturally and safely handle. Tapping into your own ability to produce more testosterone is the optimum way to retain then build more muscle whilst stripping body fat and look incredibly lean!

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Arguably the ultimate steroid supplement due to its extremely powerful and fast-acting muscle growth and fat-burning abilities. Better suited for though’s who consider themselves to be a “hard-gainer”, Trenorol is produced to mimic the effects of the hard-hitting anabolic steroid known as Trenbolone, which is often described as being the most versatile steroid available.

As well as expected results like strength and power gains increased muscle size and improve conditioning, you can also expect to see much faster healing and recovery time. The bottom line is, if you’re looking for fast results, Trenorol more than likely has the answer to all of your muscle-building questions.

Trenorol Best Deal

Remember to keep these three steps or phases in mind if you’re just starting out with your abdominal training, or if you’ve been at it for some time and struggling to achieve the goals you’ve been setting.

Get your diet right, train like an animal with resistance and bodyweight sessions, and make sure the supplements you’re choosing are right for your needs. Adding bulk will give you strength and size, but it won’t make your muscle or your six-pack pop.

Strip body fat, retain lean muscle mass and your six-pack will speak for itself!

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