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HIIT Workout Benefits For Men, Women, And Beginners

Benefits Of HIIT Workout


HIIT training also is known as “high-intensity training” is a way for both men and women to take their muscle and strength conditioning to a new level, and while few have tried this method there are many famous bodybuilders who have, with incredible results. Two famous bodybuilders who practiced this method were Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates, many like the principle behind this training method because it truly does help stimulate new muscle growth while at the same time making you stronger.

The person that made HIIT training popular was Arthur Jones who was the founder of Nautilus equipment, the principle behind HIIT training is to perform quality “slow and controlled ” repetitions to the point of momentary failure, performing HIIT training correctly takes into account the number of reps and the amount of weight used in every training session and on every muscle group.

HIIT Training And Mike Mentzer

Another important principle behind HIIT training is that the training sessions should be infrequent, brief, and as intense as humanly possible. When performing HIIT training it is important to use just the right amount of weight that can be totally controlled with slow movements with perfect form.

There are many variations of high-intensity training, one of Mike Mentzer’s favorites was called a rest-pause movement which involves a single rep then paused for 10 seconds between each repetition, so for example if you are performing a hack squat you would squat all the way down, then hold for 10 seconds, then push back up, this creates the perfect environment for maximum muscle contraction and increased blood flow to the muscle.

HIIT tanning stresses intensity over high repetitions and while there are many non-believers in this method, many bodybuilders have resorted to the method and found it has helped them break growth plateaus while at the same time giving them a strength boost helping surpass their one-rep max limits.

Every bodybuilder who has performed HIIT training has given credit to Arthur Jones and every bodybuilder has implemented their own specific methods but maintained the principle around the original HIIT training concept.
Every bodybuilder and strength training author has recommended different methods of HIIT training, for example, Arthur Darden recommended full-body routines using HIIT while Dorian Yates recommended splitting his routine into 4 sessions per week, Mike Mentzer, on the other hand, suggested that no more than one set to muscular failure per body part was all that was required. Dorian Yates believed that more than one exercise per body part was required.

Regardless of the method you choose HIIT training is, in fact, a great plateau breaker and if you have never tried it you may want to consider it, I have personally tried HIIT training and have performed it one month on and then reverted back to my normal training sessions, the amazing thing about it is that the strength gains are incredible, in my opinion even more so than that of traditional training.

With HIIT I believe the whole principle of performing slow and controlled reps stimulates more muscle fibers which are responsible for more overall strength, my own personal opinion is that if you have never tried it commit yourself to at least two weeks and I guarantee you will notice both increased muscle and strength gains.

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