What is the Best HGH Price in the UK, Mexico, US, And Canada?

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HGH injections are a common recommendation for the treatment of childhood as well as adult growth hormone deficiencies. Dosages and dosage recommendations will depend on the condition being treated as well as expected outcomes. A number of bodybuilders and athletes also turn to injectable human growth hormones without prescriptions, and without the oversight of a physician, in order to accelerate muscle growth, stamina, and physical endurance. Not recommended. Either way, finding an affordable HGH price can be challenging. Click here to buy HGH online now.

Why Prescription-Only For The Good Stuff?

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Synthetic HGH injection solutions are a prescription-only drug recommended for medical usage. It is not recommended for bodybuilding, antiaging, or weight loss use by those whose pituitary glands, which manufacture growth hormones, are in good working order.

Growth hormone drugs are considered controlled substances because of the powerful impact they can have on the body.

When looking for good injection HGH price per IU options, you may find the process less convoluted if you have a prescription for the drug.

In such cases, and depending on the pharmacy you use as well as the brand of growth hormone recommended by the doctor, you can find yourself spending anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to nearly $10,000 a month depending on the type of growth hormone, dosage, and frequency of dosages.

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Some brands cost even more. When you buy the generic form of HGH (somatropin), you may be able to purchase it cheaper, again depending on geographical location and pharmacy. A number of pharmacies throughout the world offer discounts for certain drugs, somatropin being among them.

Having insurance that covers growth hormone therapies and treatments is also helpful. Even so, the out-of-pocket costs that you may spend because of the high somatropin price may end up costing you $300-$700 a month in co-pays.


HGH Price List

HGH price can vary widely depending on brand and milligram strength. For example, the HGH price can even differ depending on the pharmacy or store where you pick up the HGH.

For example, one cartridge of Omintrope 10mg/1.5 ml (1.5ml) can range in HGH price from $1,039 at Walgreens to $1,108 at Rite-Aid.
Norditropin is a bit pricier, with one Flex Pro pen injection device of 15 mg/1.5 mL (1.5 ml) ranging in price from $1,593 (with a coupon) at Walgreens to $1,645 at a CVS pharmacy.

Genotropin is a little cheaper. Two packages of seven Mini Quick devices (0.4 mg) average $661 at Walgreens and $681 at CVS pharmacies.

But what if you don’t have insurance, you don’t have a growth hormone deficiency, and you don’t have a prescription? In such cases, even buying HGH from an underground lab or black-market resource may still produce some sticker shock. Domestic HGH prices are extremely expensive, even with a prescription.

Getting it illegally can cost you big time. Because of this, many athletes and bodybuilders wanting HGH without a prescription turn to foreign sources for their products. Check out the best growth hormone stack or HGH price here.

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Buying HGH Without a Prescription

Buying HGH without a prescription involves some risk. Those caught smuggling or purchasing without a prescription can pay hefty fines.

The same goes for suppliers, domestically and abroad. In spite of the fact that HGH injections are not approved by the medical community at large or the Food and Drug Administration for antiaging, weight loss, bodybuilding, and athletic endeavors, their sale and illegal import into countries around the world have become increasingly common.

Yes, you may find that foreign-purchased HGH or steroid price points are lower than if you had a prescription, but don’t just focus on the money. When purchasing from a foreign source, you’re not only taking a legal risk but a health risk. Because of the demand for illegal drugs around the globe, counterfeit products are prevalent.

How in the world can you verify the quality or purity injection solutions that you purchase online or from a foreign source before you fork out big bucks for the product? Not to mention the fact that even if you do happen to get actual HGH, it may be contaminated, filled with questionable ingredients as well as fillers, or be so low quality that it doesn’t provide you with the effects you’re looking for.

At any rate, a number of bodybuilding forums and websites may suggest places where they got their HGH for sale. Many of these foreign acquisitions are made from India, Mexico, China, Russia, and so forth. Do use extreme caution when purchasing foreign-made drugs, regardless of the cheaper price you may find.


HGH injections can cause a number of side effects. Poor manufacturing standards, low-quality ingredients, and even ingredients contaminated with bacteria can result in injectable solutions causing extreme side effects or adverse reactions.

When considering HGH price, opt for safer, more natural ways to boost HGH levels in the body. This can be achieved, for some, by using dietary HGH supplements. Regardless of whether you’re looking for injection or over-the-counter products, be aware, use caution, and always put your health and safety first.


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