Is HGH for Women Safe? Weight Loss Dosage & Benefits

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Human growth hormone or HGH for women is mainly discussed in two scenarios: growth hormone injections to increase the stature of children or adolescents who are not growing at the same rate as their peers in the same age and weight class. The other is bodybuilding or athletic fields, where individuals are striving to increase body mass and physical appearance through the use of HGH injections (which are illegal without a physician’s prescription). But what about women? Why would a woman use human growth hormone, and is HGH for women safe? Buy HGH online here.

HGH For Women Before and After

hgh for women before and after

While the two most popular uses of HGH or human growth hormone are to increase stature among children or adolescents being treated for growth issues or the use of growth hormone by bodybuilders and athletes, a number of women have also turned to growth hormone for a number of reasons.

A brief understanding of human growth hormones is required. Growth hormone is released by the pituitary gland, known as the master gland of the body because it controls hormone levels and secretions of numerous hormone organs in the body.

It’s believed that the female body produces more growth hormone than men because women produce higher levels of estrogen, which has been linked to human growth hormone levels. The more estrogen, the greater the amount of growth hormone.


However, according to the American Physiological Society and an article published in Science Daily, women who undergo weight training programs long term also produce greater levels of active growth hormone without having to resort to taking illegal or banned growth hormone injections.

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This increase in biologically produced active growth hormone is noted to not only improve muscle tone in women but to enhance metabolic function. For women out there wanting to improve muscle tone and appearance, you may only have to look as far as your own pituitary gland.

Hormone injections are generally not necessary for women, as mentioned above. So why do men rely so heavily on growth hormone injections?
Men’s bodies rely on testosterone (among other hormones) to increase muscle mass, while women can rely on their own synthesized growth hormone in muscular and bone development. Growth hormone in women also is important in reducing the risk of stress fractures, improving the function of the metabolic system, and resisting tissue breakdown.

This is good news for women! However, if your results are not exactly what you’re striving for, there are natural, safe, and legal ways to increase the production of HGH from your pituitary gland through the use of dietary supplements of HGH for women rather than going the prescription route. They’re also a lot cheaper than buying real HGH for sale. Check out the best HGH supplements here.

HGH for Women’s Weight Loss?

hgh for women results

A number of women have turned to human growth hormone supplements to aid in weight loss. Others take growth hormones in a therapeutic manner to treat growth hormone deficiencies or pituitary gland malfunctions. However, studies have shown that a woman who is relatively healthy doesn’t need to rely on anything but her own body to achieve lifestyle changes such as an increase in exercise and a more balanced and nutritious diet.

While levels of HGH for women are typically the highest in the late teens and early 20s, levels then begin to drop. Still, the growth hormone released by the pituitary gland can help maintain a healthy target weight. That “middle-age spread”, especially between the stomach and the upper thighs is most commonly the cause of changes in hormone levels in the body, mainly during menopause which causes progesterone and estrogen levels to drop.


If considering growth hormone therapy to address weight increase as we head into middle age, discuss the benefits and drawbacks of growth hormone therapy with your physician. Because growth hormone affects other hormones and functions in the body, including metabolism, you also have to consider what happens if you end up with too much of it in your body.

Benefits of HGH For Women As We Age


Adequate levels of HGH in the body are certainly beneficial for women, especially as we age. Natural HGH for women supplements, under the guidance of a physician, can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, improve the ratio of fat to muscle, balance hormone levels in the body, as well as maintain good skin health and elasticity.


Nevertheless, always use caution when starting or maintaining any human growth hormone product routine. Discuss HGH with your physician. Take into consideration age, health, weight, and any contributing medical factors, issues, conditions, or disease processes.

Always weigh benefits with drawbacks and avoid HGH for women without the recommendation and approval, oversight, and prescription of a physician. Discuss the use of HGH dietary supplements with your doctor prior to using them. HGH for women may provide a number of benefits, but erratic hormone levels and the effect of growth hormone on other metabolic or endocrine functions in the body can often cause more trouble than they’re worth.



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