How To Take a Growth Hormone Cycle Safely With Results In 2022

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The growth hormone cycle has been a frequent staple in the world of fitness and bodybuilding – it comes in both synthetic and natural forms. Doctors do not recommend it for non-medical purposes, but famous athletes and celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone have been caught with it nonetheless because of the incredible results that can be achieved with it. Click here to buy HGH online now.

Growth Hormone Cycle Results

Growth Hormone Cycle Results

Naturally, this hormone is important in everybody and is responsible for a number of functions and processes that take place when the hormone is created. Growth hormones and a growth hormone cycle have the potential to:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve blood pressure
  • Encourage tissue regeneration
  • Increase bone strength and muscle mass
  • Increase endurance

The last few benefits mentioned are especially important to fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders, which is why more turn to growth hormones. Of course, there are some disadvantages and side effects to look for when taking a growth hormone, and the growth hormone cycle is an important factor, too.

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Growth Hormone Cycle Dosage

Once the growth hormone has been properly mixed using the safest and most sterile standards, the dosage is the next crucial step. Always follow doctor guidelines when administering growth hormone, or if you are doing it on your own, the following recommendations are provided but should never be taken in place of a medical professional.

  • For anti-aging purposes – 2 IU each day of growth hormone. The injection can be done at any point in the day, either on a full or empty stomach. Some medical professionals recommend taking the growth hormone in the morning, as the body naturally creates its own growth hormones during sleeping hours. In some cases, taking the injection before bed will reduce the natural release, giving you less of the growth hormone overall.
  • For bodybuilding and fitness – 4 IU per day is a common dosage for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. In some cases, users might take up to 6 IU of the growth hormone, but keep in mind that the higher the dosage, the more risk for side effects. For best results, it is recommended to take the daily dose of growth hormone and split it up into two to three injections throughout the day.

Morning and afternoon injections are usually the best and keep side effects to a minimum when taken properly. One of the most common side effects in users taking higher doses is carpal tunnel syndrome – if you notice pain in the joints or tendons, stop taking and implement the growth hormone cycle for two to three weeks until symptoms subside.


Before starting supplements of any kind, it is vital that you talk with your doctor. Having too much or too little of the growth hormone in the system could lead to a range of side effects – some of them serious. Always be sure to take growth hormone the way it is designed to be consumed, whether you opt for a liquid or powdered form.

The hormone molecules are rather fragile, so it is important to store them at a safe temperature and not shake them – depending on whether it’s powder or liquid, the consumption of the supplement will vary. Find out more here.

Side Effects of Growth Hormone

There are a number of side effects to watch for when taking growth hormone, most commonly carpal tunnel syndrome as previously mentioned. This symptom is what many bodybuilders use to determine whether or not the dose of growth hormone is too high – in some extreme cases, bodybuilders will push through to finish off a cycle, but that is not recommended.

Those suffering from blood sugar issues – such as diabetes, are especially cautioned not to take growth hormones unless directed by a health professional. Human growth hormone can affect blood sugar levels, dropping them to dangerous levels if there is too much taken.

Again, work with a health care professional if you are on any blood disorder medication, such as insulin. For those with diabetes (and under-expressed permission by a doctor) taking minimal supplements and paying close attention to a growth hormone cycle could be possible.

How To Take a Growth Hormone Cycle Safely With Results In 2022 1

Completing the Growth Hormone Cycle


Work with your doctor or nutritionist about finding the proper HGH cycle that fits your needs – this varies from individual to individual.

The dosage amount could also vary during a cycle, such as starting out slowly and gradually increasing over the cycle time – as well as cycling out and paring down the dosage at the end of the cycle. This is all based on user preferences, so listen to your body and always go with the advice of a doctor.

Depending on your goals and why you are using growth hormone, cycling could vary between taking it every other day or using it for two weeks and then stopping for two to three weeks before resuming – it all varies between individuals.

The goal of using any type of supplement, whether it be a luteinizing hormone, testosterone, steroids, insulin, or cortisol is to do so in a healthy manner so always talk to a health care professional about the best options for your goals and follow the directions especially – the growth hormone cycle is just as important as following dosage directions when using the supplements.

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