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Finaplix for sale is an androgen steroid that is used in livestock production and has transcended to bodybuilding.

Its development came about as a means of adding bulk to cattle before the shipping of live animals to market occurred.

The shipping process is stressful for cattle, and stress means a drastic reduction in weight.

The benefits of Finaplix attracted the attention of the bodybuilding community and ever since Finaplix has been a preferred injectable for bulking cycles. With the proper ester, the drug is even beneficial as a cutting agent.

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For those looking for Finaplix for sale, it is often sold under the brand name Trenbolone. You can still find Finaplix pellets for sale though they are becoming harder to find as the drug’s production has stopped.

It is officially discontinued in the United States.  Buy Trenorol online here.

Finaplix For Sale


A variation of Finaplix for sale is a brand called Revalor.

Revalor is a combination of Trenbolone Acetate and Estradiol (estrogen).

That combination is a quick trip to Gynecomastia, and that is one of the reasons that bodybuilders avoid Revalor.

When you buy steroids for sale, it is important to consider where steroid manufacturing occurs. There are plenty of online pharmacies willing to sell you steroids, but the quality is not always the same.

Consider the source before you buy. There have been many reports of fake products coming from China, particularly Chinese Clenbuterol.

Because Finaplix was never approved by the FDA as a drug for human consumption, it is illegal to buy Finaplix for that purpose. Since it is discontinued, it is even harder to find within the United States.

Finaplix Pellets

Finaplix is also a pain to deal with because its production was only in pellet form. The pellets were placed subcutaneously in the ear of cattle where the drug slowly seeped into the bloodstream.

What this means is that bodybuilders had to acquire the pellets and then use a specialized kit, to convert the pellets into a safer injectable Acetate version.

Finaplix or Trenbolone has 100 percent bioavailability when injected.

It has a 2.24 percent bioavailability if ingested orally, which is why people have gone to the extent to convert a veterinarian-grade steroid pellet into an injectable.


Finaplix for Sale From Pharmacies

If you are looking for legal steroids for sale, then some Doctors may supply you with the proper prescription. If you do not have a prescription, then Trenbolone is available through certain supplement sources that supply the bodybuilding industry.

However, Finaplix is not for sale from pharmacies the way other forms of Trenbolone are because it was never approved for human use in the US.

Once you begin to search for Trenbolone or Finaplix the problems begin. Do you need Trenbolone, Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate, or Trenbolone Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate, which sells as Parabolan.

There is even a version of Trenbolone that contains all three esters — Tri Trenbolone.

Regardless, possession for human consumption violates federal law, which only seems to drive the need for this steroid.

Where to Buy Finaplix Pellets


Finaplix pellets for sale are nearly impossible to find.

Most veterinary outlets for cattle medications have switched from Finaplix pellets to Revalor-G or Revalor-IS.

Revalor-G contains 40mg of Trenbolone Acetate and Estradiol additive in the 8mg range.

A 100-dose box is roughly $135. Revalor-IS is a stronger batch. The IS version contains 80mg of Trenbolone Acetate, and the Estradiol additive is amped to 16mg.

Expect to pay about $260 for a 100-dose box of Revalor-IS.

You can still find Finaplix-H for sale through various vet supply stores though most list the product as being out of stock.

If you are able to find Trenbolone pellets for sale, there are kits available to help you convert the drug from pellet form to injectable form.

This drug also sells under the name Fina. If you want to buy Fina pellets, but cannot find them through a regular outlet, it is available on the black market. The price there ranges to the $150 mark for a 20cc vial.

Finaplix goes by many names. Fina is a name that is fondly issued by bodybuilders for Finaplix. Finaplix-H is the shortened version of Finaplix-Heifer.

Finaplix For Sale on Amazon

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

You can even buy Finaplix on Amazon if you live in the US.

Component T-H Cattle Pellets include a total of 4,000mg of Trenbolone Acetate.

They advertise the following features:

  • No estradiol
  • Increase in lean muscle mass gain for cattle
  • Improves feed efficiency in growing-finishing feedlot heifers

11 reviews give it a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. The price is $126 plus $4.49 in shipping costs. The brand that produces it is called Elanco.

Another brand called Trenbolone, T8289-100ul by US Biological Life Sciences is also listed on Amazon, but it is currently not available.

Trenbolone Acetate or Finaplix pellets are not currently for sale on the Canadian or UK Amazon sites, only the US ones.

The Benefits of Finaplix

Finaplix has a lot of benefits. It also has some serious side effects.

The benefits include hyper protein synthesis, which simply means that it helps the body produce protein synthesis on a cellular level at a high rate of transfer.

What that means in terms of bodybuilding is that muscle cells that become damaged during workouts have a ready supply of proteins that they can use to repair the damage.

Without the high rate of protein synthesis, damaged cells would be destroyed, and new cells would be built. That is nearly the opposite of what every bodybuilder wants.

Finaplix Bodybuilding Forums

If you read the bodybuilding forums, they discuss losing bulk and keeping bulk, as well as a comparison of Trenbolone Acetate from Finaplix pellets vs Trenbolone Enanthate.

What they mean when they say losing bulk is the destruction of lean muscle cells following strenuous workouts.

You are not gaining a lot of bulk — new muscle cells — if the new cells are replacing cells that became damaged during your workout

What steroids like Finaplix do is they help your body repair damaged muscle cells so that the new cells that form become “bulk.”

This is one of the reasons why Trenbolone or Finaplix for sale is one of the most sought-after anabolic steroids in bodybuilding.


Does Trenbolone Aromatize?

Another plus for using the Trenbolone steroid is that it does not aromatize meaning it does not convert to estrogen.

Given that estrogen causes problems in men such as bloating and water retention men can take Trenbolone without much concern about estrogen-based side effects.

That is not, however, to say that there are no female complications when using Trenbolone. Gynecomastia is a big concern, no pun intended. The development of breasts in men is not the goal of bodybuilders.

Trenbolone is also harsh to both the kidneys and the liver. Some bodybuilders opt to use an aromatase inhibitor as a means of preventing or slowing female body traits from occurring.

The negative side effects of Finaplix include a higher chance of liver or kidney damage. Men complain of elevated levels of aggression and increased episodes of restlessness. Expect interference with libido.

Men complain that they want sex more often but often experience erectile dysfunction. Night sweats are also common as this steroid boosts core body temperature. One of the more serious side effects includes a drop in cardiac function.

If you are still looking for Finaplix for sale, the injectable form has much higher bioavailability.



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