Derek Jeter Steroids | Did Derek Jeter Take Steroids Along with Alex Rodriquez?

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Derek Jeter is one of the most famous professional baseball players of all time, and he is considered central to the Yankees’ success throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Offering leadership, great hitting, fielding, and base running, Jeter is the epitome of a great American baseball player. With great stats backing up his career, some fans have wondered about Derek Jeter’s steroids use.

Derek Jeter Steroids

There has been a lot of controversy throughout the years over whether Derek Jeter ever used steroids, although he maintains he has never used anabolic steroids. Here is a closer look at Jeter, his career, whether he used steroids, and his friendship with Alex RodriguezBuy steroids online here

Derek Jeter Steroids

Simply look at the Derek Jeter stats and you will quickly find that he is a Yankees legend. He is the all-time career leader for the team in games played, plate appearances, at bats, times on base, doubles, hits, and stolen bases. When it comes to career hits, he is ranked sixth all-time and he is the all-time leader of the MLB when it comes to hits by a shortstop player.

Throughout his years as a player, he won multiple accolades, including the Hank Aaron Award, Gold Glove Awards, multiple All-Star selections, the Roberto Clemente Award, and several Silver Slugger Awards.

Through Jeter’s career with the Yankees, he was responsible for much of the team’s success. He holds a World Series batting average of .321 and holds multiple postseason records. Despite rumors that he may have used steroids, he saw a lot of success as a baseball player, being drafted for the Yankees right from high school.


Later in his career, he would serve as the team captain for the Yankees. Because of his outstanding postseason play, Jeter has earned a couple of nicknames through the years, including “Mr. November” and “Captain Clutch.” In his last year playing for the Yankees, Derek Jeter’s salary was $16.73 million.

Derek Jeter Steroids Use – Did He Take Steroids?

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One of the biggest questions from many fans does Derek Jeter steroids use really occurs. Steroids use is a very common thing among professional baseball players, and with all the suspensions for performance enhancing drugs within baseball; it’s easy to see why even some apparently clean players, such as Jeter, were also caught within the crossfire. 

At one point, Skip Bayless from ESPN created a huge controversy by insinuating that Derek Jeter may actually be taking steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. Bayless commented that he asked the question because he had wondered at Derek Jeter’s incredible bounce back, which occurred when he was 38.

After questions about his steroid use came up, Jeter denied using steroids and talked about how to even clean players who are being questioned about steroid use because of the high rate of steroid use within the MLB. Check out the best bulking cycles here.

Is There Proof That Derek Jeter Used Steroids?


While there is no proof that Derek Jeter ever used anabolic steroids or other performance enhancing drugs, he was given cortisone injections to ensure he could keep playing through a group of ankle injuries, which eventually resulted in the on-field fracture that took place in the first game of the American League Championship Series. While anabolic steroid use gets a lot of condemnation, cortisone use is very popular and accepted within the MLB.

In many cases, and in the case of Jeter, cortisone injections are not used to actually promote healing of the injury. Instead, the injections are used to help the player continue playing, even when they have a damaged body part. Unfortunately, cortisone has the ability to harm the tendons and bone, and it may even make overall recovery time for injuries slower.

Yet, since cortisone offers short-term painkilling effects, it’s often used by athletes so they can keep playing. Cortisone does not return the injury to a non-injured level. Instead, it only masks or relieves the pain instead of providing healing.
While it is legal, this type of steroid use comes with some serious problems. Unfortunately, by using cortisone injections, it is possible that the use of these prescription steroid injections could have ultimately resulted in Jeter’s injury. Jeter has not been the only one who shot up with cortisone to keep playing baseball. Some others who may have been using cortisone injections include Michael Morse, Carlos Beltran, Johnny Cueto, and Ryan Zimmerman.

Derek Jeter Alex Rodriguez Friendship

Through the years, Derek Jeter was often exasperated with steroid use and bad behavior from fellow teammate Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez came out and said that he used steroids, and Jeter stood up for him, noting that everyone makes mistakes and the team would be there to support Rodriguez. However, Jeter made it clear that not all players were using steroids, showing his frustration of being lumped into a group of players with the assumption that everyone playing baseball was using steroids.


Rodriguez admitted that he used performance-enhancing drugs between 2001 and 2003. However, after this admission, as team captain, Jeter started reaching out to help Rodriguez. The two were seen playing catch before group workouts, and Jeter issued a statement saying that he would support Rodriguez, even if he did not condone his steroid use.

Although A-Rod and Jeter did not get along well in the beginning, a Derek Jeter Alex Rodriguez friendship eventually occurred. A-Rod commented that when people looked back at Jeter’s career, they would see an amazing number of hits, yet he felt that would never capture the full, amazing story of Jeter’s career. Rodriguez also notes that he learned a lot from playing with Jeter, commenting that Jeter inspired and motivated him.


While Derek Jeter had an incredible career, including an amazing comeback when he was older, he still maintains that he has never used performance-enhancing drugs. While some people still question whether Derek Jeter steroids use ever took place, it may just be that Jeter is an exceptionally hard worker who was able to work hard and do incredible things out on the baseball field.

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