Christian Bale Weight Loss plan is no secret anymore!!

Christian Bale:

  • Born: January 30, 1974 (age 45 years), Haverfordwest, United Kingdom
  • Height: 1.83 m
  • Spouse: Sibi Blazic (m. 2000)
  • Upcoming movie: Ford v. Ferrari
  • Awards: Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role

At first glance, you would be surprised at why someone living in the western world could be so lean.  Could the person be suffering from a sickness associated with anorexia or could he be a victim of abuse or a pious man fasting hard?   More questions start filling up the mind leading to scary conclusions but when the real truth sets in, one can’t help to wonder why and how someone could do such a thing to his body.  Christian Bale weight loss took everyone by surprise and sparked great debates on several platforms around the world.  He did all this to play the title role in The Machinist, a 2004 psychological thriller movie that registered over 8 million dollars at the Home Box Office commonly known as HBO.

Christian Bale Transformation

But loosing 63 pounds just to act in a movie is insane by almost all standards.  Even if it was for the sake of ambition, justifying this life-threatening move is almost impossible.  Others could easily view it as suicidal depending on his health condition at the time, but despite all these, he did it and he succeeded in his mission.  Even today, Christian Bale weight loss is still talked about, almost a decade after it happened.  Perhaps the extremes that he reached were historic especially considering the fact that he literally starved himself on his own volition to achieve this feat.

Christian Bale weight loss

Rummaging at his bio for answers, one finds out that Christian Bale stepped into the acting stage as early as 8 years of age playing a role in a TV commercial.  Even by today’s standards, one will agree that this is quite an early age to get worldwide attention.  The limelight of glamor that followed can be greatly attributed to his environment while growing up.  His mother being a circus performer and his father being an entrepreneur and a talent manager must have played a part in his career choice and performance in the years to come. Christian Bale weight loss might have been inspired not only by his drive and ambition but also by his natural need to outperform his parents.

Christian Bale weight loss Journey

Christian Bale weight loss plan was focused on a strict daily diet of water, an apple and a cup of coffee allowing him to ultimately shed off 63 pounds and obtaining a scary anorexic figure required for his role in the “The Machinist” a thriller movie that took the theaters by storm. 


He shut himself off from his friends to ensure that he never tarried from his daily routine.  He quit partying, boozing, going on dinners or even having a couple of drinks here and there.  His former publicists/assistant Harrison Cheung’s new biography on him i.e. Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman, says it all.  Fans sometimes do crazy things to identify with their celebrity of choice, but it is important to note that anyone who decides to go on Christian Bale weight loss plan might want to consult with his or her physician before embarking on such a journey.

Cautions: Extreme weight loss like Christian Bale weight loss is dangourous to health, I recommend proper diet and exercise routine with some Fat Burner will help.

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