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Buy Dianabol in the UK | Legality and Suppliers


Those attempting to buy Dianabol in the UK will usually find there are two vastly different ways to go: pills from underground labs (UGLs) or pharmaceutical grade Dianabol in the UK.

The only way you can get pharmaceutical grade tablets is if it comes from and is manufactured by a legitimate pharmaceutical company certified by the FDA, or its equivalent in the UK.

The products from these companies have been tested for quality control under strict controls and they are designed specifically for use in humans.

They are usually of very high quality, having been tested for purity, sterility, quality, and dosing throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. They are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Click here to buy Dianabol (D-Bal) online.

Buying Dianabol in the UK

Dianabol Dosage

Underground labs, on the other hand, are usually run illegally in the United Kingdom, are not authorized by any governmental agency, and for the most part, are in the business of almost exclusively producing anabolic steroids.

There is a wide range of conditions in which these underground labs operate. It could be out of someone’s home basement or even garage, or it might actually be a completely pharmaceutical-grade facility. The only advantage of buying from an underground lab would be to save money.

The prices for UGL anabolic steroids are almost always far less than prices for pharmaceutical-grade products. However, one must be cautioned because purity, quality, and sterility cannot be guaranteed as it is little if any quality control.

Someone’s decision of which way to go when purchasing Dianabol in the UK must rest on their determination as to what is more important, a lower price or good quality or maybe even both.

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Who Sells Dianabol In The UK Legally?


We’re going to take a close look at pharmaceutical-grade steroids first. In Thailand, there are a number of pharmaceutical companies producing Dianabol.

The first one we’ll discuss is British Dispensary, which is producing Dianabol in the UK and marketing it under the brand name Anabol in the UK. It comes in the form of tablets and seems to be quite popular among users.

This company has a track record of producing quality products, but fakes and counterfeits are always going to be a big concern.

Therefore they take great pains to provide security codes and various mechanisms such as emblems imprinted on the tablets, hologram stickers, and identifying marks on every single bottle of tablets.

Counterfeiters have also duplicated these security markings with remarkable accuracy, but certain mistakes are noticeable when the authentic bottles are placed next to the counterfeits.

• Each authentic bottle of Anabol holds 1,000 little yellow tablets of Dianabol
• Each little yellow tablet of authentic Anabol (Dianabol) is 5mg
• In bottles labeled Anabol 10, the tablets are 10mg, which come in a smaller, yellow, and white package.

Another company in Thailand, Body Research / March Pharmaceuticals, also produces Dianabol in tablet form. Their tablets are blue and shaped like hearts.

A company called Melic produces bottles containing 1,000 pink tablets of Dianabol, shaped like pentagons, which look very much like Anabol.

Another company named Methandon produces Dianabol tablets that are white and each one has the letters ES stamped on it. Our recommendations for the best Dianabol stacks and cycle dosages are here.

International Sources of Dianabol for Sale


If you’re searching for Dianabol in the UK or region of Eastern Europe you will find it quickly in Russia and in Ukraine. In Russia, Dianabol is found as a generic product made by a company named Akrikhin (Akpnxnh in Russian).

The tablets are packaged in a blister pack with strips of 10 tablets each. The box is purple. This too is a brand that is often counterfeited, but the fakes are widely known as being very inferior copies, often with the tablets thrown loosely in bottles.

So it’s easy to tell the difference. The same Dianabol products come out of Ukraine and are legitimate, but often mistaken as fakes.

In Romania, there is a pharmaceutical company called Naposim. This company manufactures tablets of Dianabol that are shaped like triangles, having sharp tips.

They come in a blister pack containing 10 tablets in each strip. The date of manufacture and the lot numbers are stamped on each end of every strip. The boxes these tablets come in are white.

Methanol is the name for the Dianabol product that comes out of Poland. It comes in tablet form, in a blister pack with 20 tablets on each strip.

In Moldova, you will find Balkan Pharmaceuticals and they produce a product called Danabol DS, which is actually Dianabol. It too comes in a blister pack with 20 tablets on each strip. There are two variants of Danabol, 10mg tablets, and 50mg tablets.

What we have been discussing so far are Dianabol products coming out of pharmaceutical companies producing products fit for human consumption.

Underground labs are far vaster in number and there may be hundreds and even thousands of these labs existing worldwide and in every single country.

It is virtually impossible to know, much less list all the different underground labs that may be in the business of producing Dianabol products. Click here to find Dianabol pills for sale.

Average Cost of Dianabol in the UK


The price range is usually a pleasant surprise for those seeking to purchase Dianabol online in the United Kingdom.

It is usually much cheaper to buy than most other anabolic steroids. When you look at the cost and count up the benefits, it’s easy to see why it is so popular.

It is fairly inexpensive to manufacture so the prices in the marketplace are fairly consistent, even when you compare pharmaceutical grade with UGL.

You will find a price differential when you go to purchase the product in person at your local gym. 

There are a lot of websites on the Internet, which do not set minimum limits on orders. Another factor influencing price is the concentration of the drug in each tablet.

Dianabol comes in several different concentrations: 5mg, 10mg, 50mg, and 100mg.

This is what makes describing prices difficult. So for our purposes, I will list price per mg instead of price per tablet:

• When you buy in-person you will find Dianabol ranging from $1 to $1.50 per 50mg, which translates to $0.02 to $0.03 per 1mg.
• Internet websites with no minimum order limits usually sell Dianabol more expensively in prices ranging from about $2.80 per 50mg, which translates to $0.056 per 1mg.
• When buying pharmaceutical grade Dianabol online like Anabol from British Dispensary, the prices will be similar to the price range from Internet websites without minimum order limits above.


Dianabol works very well for most users and it is very affordable when compared to other steroids.

It almost defies reason because Dianabol is among the most effective steroids of all time, with constant demand at a very high level, yet it’s fairly inexpensive.

The demand keeps the supply high so the prices just do not go up. Just about every supplier worldwide and in the UK does carry Dianabol, so it is easy to find.

Because it is so inexpensive to make, the prices for legitimate products of this steroid stay down which makes everyone happy.

Check with legal authorities to determine what the current legal status of Dianabol in the UK is before you decide to purchase this steroid.


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