Anadrol Side Effects – 5 Short-Term and Long-Term Dangerous Effects

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Anadrol was created to treat patients that suffer from a low red blood cell count called anemia, it was not without any Anadrol side effects.

It is no surprise to have a medicine created for one thing and learn it can be used to do something else. This happens many times and can be a great discovery cure or a recipe for a nightmare with disastrous consequences.

Luckily, if you learn how to take Anadrol properly you can avoid most of the worst adverse Anadrol side effects.

To the delight of many bodybuilders, a steroid created to treat patients that suffer from anemia has dual powers to also enhance performance. The name of this possible wonder drug is Anadrol. What is the key factor that draws bodybuilders to a medication that treats anemia? Buy Anadrol online here.

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Anadrol Side Effects In Men

The key relationship or ingredient is that Anadrol is a synthetic male hormone. What this means to the bodybuilder is the ability to put on muscle and size in record time but the Anadrol side effects are real.

If you plan on using Anadrol to help deliver rapid growth then you should be fully aware of the side effects that you might experience. So many reviews about this hormone drug are pretty serious.

Doctors and the Food and Drug Administration have weighed in on Anadrol showing it may have the potential for anemia patients.

However, the drug appears to have greater potential for worse or severe side effects for those using the drug for muscle production. If you are a bodybuilder know the facts before taking this or any steroid medication like Anadrol or Trenbolone such as the half-life so you know how often to take it safely.


Common Anadrol Side Effects

Side Effects Of Anadrol 50mg

Frequent urination and bladder cramping

These are sudden and severe muscle-type spasms that happen in the bladder area of your body. The need to go is sudden and creates an involuntary squeezing of your bladder muscles creating an urgent need to urinate unexpectedly. This results in urine leakage and is one of the Anadrol side effects of using the medication.

Hair loss

This is a somewhat indirect Anadrol side effect men can experience if male baldness runs in their family. Anadrol and other types of steroids speed up the process because of the high levels of DHT found in the body. This is only an Anadrol side effect for men that are prone to baldness. So again this side effect can happen only under those terms. Unfortunately, even with injectable Dianabol (alternative to Anadrol), this is also a side effect. The only way to get around it would be to use a non-steroid alternative such as A50.

Heart health

Increasing the risk of heart diseases such as arteriosclerosis or coronary artery disease as well as rapid heart beating all increase as a side effect when not just using Anadrol but overusing it. Your levels of cholesterol change and you’re good (HDL) goes down while your bad (LDL) rises.

These changes in your cholesterol affect your heart directly making you more susceptible to heart problems later. As a rule, steroids fight inflammation which can increase the risk of developing heart-related diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. Steroids like Anadrol or Trenbolone also weaken the heart making it more vulnerable to disease. Check out the best bulking cycles here.


Anadrol and Your Liver

Internal organs are serious and potential damage as a result of using any medication must be made aware. Anadrol side effects could affect the liver developing into a life-threatening situation. Excessive use creates a condition called peliosis hepatis. This is the development of cysts forming in the liver. These cysts could make your liver fail and stop functioning. To minimize the damage to the liver make sure you don’t drink alcohol or other substances that are hard on the liver while on a Liquid Anadrol cycle.

Anadrol Side Effects And Bodybuilding


When a bodybuilder takes Anadrol the performance and muscle enhancement are quite impressive. Since Anadrol is an anabolic steroid that means it has a similar effect to the testosterone hormone making it ideal for men. So Anadrol reacts like testosterone and delivers body changes just like testosterone would. This means bulking up and building muscle mass are more rapid.

Steroids like Anadrol block the body’s natural ability to break down muscle and instead allow you get to build up muscle cells which makes them bigger. Anadrol steroid improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolism to deliver more endurance and stamina. It has truly made bodybuilding easier and more attractive. This makes it difficult to embrace other potential side effects.


Anadrol side effects decrease depending on how well the function of the male testicles is. This also includes sperm count, lower fluid during ejaculation, and possible impotence. Some men have experienced prolonged painful erections. If a female bodybuilder is using Anadrol it can make her clitoris increase in size and develop irregularities in her menstrual periods. Both males and females experience a loss of sex drive.



Often associated with the use of steroids, Anadrol users also experience sudden anger that is uncontrolled and shows signs of frustration. Just like other medications, the Anadrol side effects vary from person to person. Everyone may not experience anger from taking Anadrol, but it is a side effect that can affect some. Dianabol cycles can also cause roid rage.


Expected Results

Another emotion that has the potential to develop is depression. This is because Anadrol and other steroids interfere with the brain’s ability to make serotonin which is a substance the body produces to create a sense of well-being. Because the body is unable to make serotonin it leads to an increasing rate of aggression or depression and these are some Anadrol side effects that are often permanent.

Anadrol Side Effects In Women

Steroid Abuse Women Result

Female bodybuilders who use steroids like Anadrol can experience signs of masculinity. The red flag women should recognize is that these changes are often irreversible. Seek professional medical attention if you experience serious Anadrol side effects from using Anadrol. Things like deepening the voice, growing facial hair, or extreme acne are reasons to discontinue use and seek help. Many believe due to the risk of serious side effects, Anadrol should not be used for athletic performance or physical appearance.

If bodybuilding is something you love to do and you plan on using Anadrol, whether it be injectable Anadrol or liquid Anadrol, please make sure you use it responsibly. This product can be bought without a prescription and used by bodybuilders that are not competing because it is banned due to Anadrol side effects.

Breast tenderness occurs for both male and female users. This can be quite severe and painful. Some have even experienced enlarged breasts. Other Anadrol side effects are acne on the skin and water retention that develops lots of swelling in the ankles and feet. You may want to review the differences between Anadrol and Dianabol before taking thought to see which one is best for you.

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