Anadrol For Women | 5 Potential Side Effects You Should Know

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Anadrol for women is not typically recommended.

Although it is effective for men to put massive amounts of size and strength, the side effects are too harsh for females.

It comes with a series of potential side effects, many of which only affect women.

Virilization is the main concern for women.

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Also, Anadrol is stacked with testosterone boosters in order to allow the Anadrol to provide the necessary level of performance boost.

Without the stack, Anadrol use is unable to perform as desired. So, comparing the benefits and the possible side effects is vital.  Buy Anadrole online here.

Anadrol for Women

Anadrol For Women Before After Results

Anadrol is an anabolic steroid designed to help people who struggle with the production of red blood cells.

In this case, the body is unable to repair itself after injuries and muscle damage may remain untreated for an extended period of time.

The large increase in red blood cells when consuming Anadrol in a typically healthy individual can boost muscle size.

The increase in blood cells repairs damaged muscle tissue, increasing the size beyond what it might have ever been able to reach without the steroid.

The increase in red blood cells also helps boost the strength levels as well. Muscles repair faster, allowing the lifter to increase the amount they lift as well. All of this can lead to rather sizable gains for bodybuilders, both men, and women on Anadrol.

Benefits for Women

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The typical cycle of Anadrol for men lasts six weeks in terms of Anadrol consumption (the full stacked cycle lasts 12 weeks) and a person can expect to see gains of 30 pounds per month.

But women do not have the same tolerance due to the androgenic nature of this steroid.

The main benefits are size and strength in short periods of time and, in regards to this, Anadrol is one of the very best steroids around, but that’s simply not true for women.

Other steroids like Anavar are a better option for women.

Oral Anadrol Cycle

Female Side Effects

There are many different Anadrol side effects for women to watch out for.

The main ones are virilization symptoms such as clitoral enlargement, body hair growth, and a deepening of the voice.

It is possible for the body to reject the Anadrol and develop a serious allergic reaction to it. This comes in the form of hives, the swelling of the lips, tongue, throat, or face and it can cause the person to struggle while breathing.

Should any of these signs occur after consumption, they need to be rushed to the hospital right away before their nasal cavity completely closes up.

Secondary side effects indicate a person needs to schedule an appointment with their doctor as the side effects are possibly serious but not life-threatening immediately. When the side effects are noticed they should stop their cycle right away.

These serious side effects include a change in skin color, including jaundice (the skin and/or eyes turning a yellowish hue), problems urinating, swelling, and extreme weight gain beyond just a few pounds in the first week.

Other side effects that are common and should be a cause for alarm but do happen in many women include acne, a change in the menstrual period, and a sudden change (either increase or decrease) in sex drive.

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While these side effects are not life-threatening, if the user does not stop consumption of the Anadrol and continues through their cycle or even cycles again, the side effects may become permanent.

Click here for a comparison of side effects women experience with Dianabol rather than Anadrol.

Both men and women are likely to experience the feeling of restlessness or excitement, insomnia, and even diarrhea.

Now, not all of these side effects may occur, but it is important for a woman who is looking at starting up an Anadrol for women cycle, it is necessary to know what their body might go through.

Anadrol For Women Cycles and Active Life

Female Bodybuilding

Anadrol’s active half-life is between 9 and 16 hours.

There is no recommended Anadrol cycle for women as the side effects are too harsh.

If one was to try, they would need to take an extremely low dose, but that would not be effective or efficient.

Trying female friendly steroids like Anavar would definitely be the better option here.

For anyone using Anadrol, it is very important to maintain an extremely active life. They need to work out with weights every day if possible (alternating muscle groups) and get in a good amount of cardio.

The muscles are not going to gain in size if they are not used and damaged, as the Anadrol needs damaged muscle tissue to repair.

There are several different cycle options depending on if it’s oral or not, each of which comes with different sets of instructions.

The street price of the steroid varies drastically based on location, purity, and size amount. Often times the profile is extremely profitable, which means spending $10 per pill to buy Anadrol on the street is possible, if not more.

The bottom line is that Anadrol for women is not recommended. Be careful with any steroid use, however.



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