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The rap music industry is definitely a competitive business, and nobody knows that better than 50 Cent who likely turned to steroids.

The no-nonsense G-Unit superstar has turned his guns (figuratively) on his critics on several occasions in the form of some pretty hard-driving rhymes, lyrics aiming for the kill shot against other rappers such as The Game, Ja Rule, and more.

But to get an edge over his competitors, many people have a hard time believing that 50 Cent used anabolic steroids- as several reporters claimed in 2008. A firestorm brewed up around rappers 50 Cent, Mary J Blige, and Timbaland around an apparent steroids scandal seven years ago. Buy steroids online here.

50 Cent Steroids

50 cent steroid cycle

At the time, in the usual way the press does- everyone was acting as if it was the scandal of the century. Well, even journalists have to eat. But as the outrage-mongering died down naturally, the topic faded away from the public interest in all but one sector, (if you aren’t counting fans of his music), the bodybuilding community.

Suddenly, a whole huge cross-section of people who have been demonized and a half working in secret just to be competitive in the sport they love had a new ally. Whenever a celebrity, (usually a sports star) is caught using steroids the press pretends to be outraged, the public shrugs its shoulders, and the bodybuilding community feels a little better about itself.

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Mary J Blige & Timbaland Used Steroids Too

bulking ans cutting steroids

There was more to the story than just rappers juicing. It might have been slightly surprising that Mary J Blige took up steroid use as well was 50, but women are no strangers to the world of bodybuilding. What is surprising is some of the other entertainers who did it with them. Tyler Perry and Wyclef Jean were also found to be using steroids to pump up their fitness routines.

It’s easy to see why hard-nosed characters like 50 Cent, Timbaland, and even Blige would want to cultivate a more intimidating image by using steroids. But why Perry and Jean? Why would a comedic actor/director and a peace-loving activist/musician ever even consider using anabolic steroids? The answer may be rejuvenation if their claims are to be believed.

According to a number of reports, a Florida doctor shipped the steroids to 50 Cent, Mary J Blige, and the rest. The Human growth hormones were shipped to a chiropractor who worked with the rappers. This chiropractor was the head of an anti-aging and longevity research program in a major Manhattan fitness center.

Many authoritative sources say celebrities are turning to “unproven methods of retarding the aging process that involves the use of human growth hormones.”
While their efforts at slowing the aging process may be unproven, the effects of steroids on the physique and athletic abilities of those who use them judiciously are not a matter of debate. Whether or not 50 Cent’s main goal was to reverse aging, he has certainly achieved some impressive results. Check out the best bulking cycles here.

The Pressure to Juice

Bulking Cycle

The pressures in Hollywood, as well as the Top 40 music industry, are very similar to the pressures that professional athletes and competitive bodybuilders face. The fact is that there are massive rewards to be had in all of these industries, and some people are so disposed that their talents and interests make the pursuit of any other career unthinkable.

These same people may easily get their foot in the door of the industries they love and are dying to work in, but once they are there- the competition to look better than good, perform better than the next guy, and stay in the game despite fierce competition will drive many like 50 Cent to use steroids.

At the same time, society, the law, and the medical community have formed a united front dedicated to convincing these people that there is something wrong with them. We tell them and each other that there is a defect in the character of anyone who uses anabolic steroids. Yet, as a nation, we continue to reward athletes who make us rewrite the record books, actors who look ripped in front of the camera, and rappers with an intimidating presence.

On the other hand, when a rising star is revealed to be using human growth hormones, there are a lot of people who suddenly realize that maybe they aren’t the immoral monsters the culture makes them out to be. These are the bodybuilders.

50 Cent Bodybuilding With Steroids


So, with the obviously impressive results, 50 Cent has achieved using steroids in his training program, a lot of athletes, bodybuilders, and aspiring action stars are asking, ‘what’s his routine?’

There has been a great deal of talk about 50 Cent’s programs, what steroids he uses and how much. At this point, to be fair, it’s important to say that legally speaking- it was never proven that 50 used steroids. He was never convicted. It’s pretty difficult to compel a non-athlete to produce a urine sample before being convicted of a crime- especially when that person has an expensive legal defense team.

It has however leaked, via protected sources that 50 did have a very specific steroid stacking routine. Anyone who knows anything about steroids for performance enhancement will tell you it’s a pretty advanced stack- not for the uninitiated.

50 Cent Steroids Cycle

WeekTestosterone CypionateHGHCardarine
Ostarine MK-2866  AromasinN2GuardRS
1250 mgs4 Ius  20 mgs  25mgs  12.5 mgs  7 caps  1 serv  
2250 mgs4 Ius20 mgs25mgs12.5 mgs7 caps1 serv
3250 mgs4 Ius20 mgs25mgs12.5 mgs7 caps1 serv
4250 mgs4 Ius20 mgs25mgs12.5 mgs7 caps1 serv
5250 mgs4 Ius20 mgs25mgs12.5 mgs7 caps1 serv
6250 mgs4 Ius20 mgs25mgs12.5 mgs7 caps1 serv
7250 mgs4 Ius20 mgs25mgs12.5 mgs7 caps1 serv
8250 mgs4 Ius20 mgs25mgs12.5 mgs7 caps1 serv
9250 mgs4 Ius20 mgs25mgs12.5 mgs7 caps1 serv
10250 mgs4 Ius20 mgs25mgs12.5 mgs7 caps1 serv
11250 mgs4 Ius20 mgs25mgs12.5 mgs7 caps1 serv
12250 mgs4 Ius20 mgs25mgs12.5 mgs7 caps1 serv

You’ve probably noticed that the dosages are not graduated. This indicates that either 50 Cent is psychotic, or that he was able to develop this routine after years of careful graduation. We hope the latter is the case. Anyone interested in finding out if 50’s routine is a good one should keep an eye on the rapper’s health.

In the meantime, anyone using a cycle based on this is strongly encouraged to graduate the dosages from 20 mg on day one, peaking at 250 on day seven, and going back down to 20 by day 12. Be very cautious with your body if you use the 50 Cent Steroids Cycle.

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