Top 10 Best Natural Testosterone Booster of 2023 for Insane Results

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10 Best Natural Testosterone Booster

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe

If you want to make impressive gains in strength and size, then taking a natural testosterone booster is one of the best things you can do (especially if you’re over the age of 25). It’s no secret that testosterone is one of the key hormones that’ll dictate the size and strength you have. What’s more, this applies regardless of how perfect your diet is, or how well you train.

But apart from taking dangerous steroids or prohormones (and risking the associated side effects), a natural test booster is the only legal and effective way to enhance your testosterone levels. However, not all boosters are worth the money.

With this in mind, we’ve set out to discover the top 10 best natural testosterone boosters on the market – and you’ll find them all listed on this page.

Now, they aren’t necessarily ranked in the ‘best’ order, but you can rest assured that each recommendation boasts a wealth of positive feedback from real users, and is generally well respected within the supplement industry. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer.

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1 – Universal Nutrition Animal Natural Testosterone Booster


Animal Test is perhaps one of the more expensive natural test boosters on the market, but it’s easily one of the best, too.

It features two prop blends which consist of a pro-androgen complex, as well as a hypertrophic response complex.

It also makes use of ‘Arachidonic Acid’, which studies have shown to be tremendously effective for creating enhanced muscle growth. It actually causes additional ‘inflammation’ within the muscles after a workout, which in turn, boosts your natural healing and repair response. Simply put, this means more gains in less time.

If possible, it’s really worth buying this product twice and running it back to back. Users have reported anything from 5-10 lb of additional muscle mass during this time, often while reducing their body fat percentage, too. Overall, this is fantastic stuff and comes highly recommended.

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2 – Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush

This supplement isn’t quite a dedicated ‘test booster’ (in fact, it’s more like a pre-workout), but it features several ingredients which are designed to boost testosterone production. This makes it useful for guys on a budget, who can’t justify the cost of a pre-workout as well as a separate test booster.

While it won’t give you the brute force test-boosting strength of other supplements on our list, it’ll still help your testosterone levels thanks to the Tribulus, Zinc, and Horny Goat Weed Extract that’s used in the test blend.

Additionally, this supplement gives you pre-workout energy in the form of caffeine, as well as nitric oxide to enhance pumps. Finally, it comes with L-Glutamine and BCAA’s, so it covers a lot of bases for just one formula.

3 – BSN EvoTest Natural Testosterone Booster

First of all, this one is often criticized for its taste. But if you can get past that, then you have an effective test booster that should give you the results you’re looking for.

With solid ratings on most supplement review sites, combined with countless numbers of positive reviews from real users, it’s safe to say that Everest is a reliable booster.

When it comes to ingredients, the formula mostly relies on a prop blend, featuring Magnesium Oxide and D-Aspartic acid (amongst a host of other ingredients).

Interestingly, this makes the formula a little different than some of the others in our line-up.

4 – MuscleTech Test HD Natural Testosterone Booster


MuscleTech is a trusted name in the supplement industry, and its test booster certainly lives up to the name. This is another formula that heavily relies on the power of Tribulus, featuring a reasonable dose of 250 mg per serving.

It also features Zinc and Calcium for further support. Reviewers often report a noticeable increase in energy, in addition to the other desirable effects of increased testosterone production, such as increased strength (and mass, after a time).

5 – Cellucor P6 Black Natural Testosterone Booster

The new P6 black formula is something that was eagerly anticipated in supplement circles, and it wasn’t one to disappoint.

The ‘Nootropic Testosterone Technology’ relies on several blends, which feature known testosterone-boosting ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, and more.

While it may not stand out of the crowd for some, many people swear the new P6 Black formula is the best testosterone booster they’ve ever tried.

6 – Sheer Strength Labs – Testosterone

One of the best-selling test boosters around Amazon is this offering from Sheer Strength Labs. This supplement has two primary goals: increase testosterone, and reduce estrogen – thus placing your hormone levels into the optimal conditions for increased strength and muscle mass.

It relies primarily on Fenugreek stacked with D-Aspartic Acid, as well as the test-boosting staples of vitamin D, Zinc, and Magnesium.

Overall, it’s a reliable test booster with thousands of positive reviews, and even a money-back guarantee if you find it doesn’t work for you.

7 – Beast Sports Nutrition – Super Test


As well as offering the usual test booster benefits, this one promises to enhance sexual health, as well as liver and kidney function – which can’t be a bad thing.

The main ingredient is Tribulus, but it also includes a reasonable dose of Vitamin B, Magnesium, and Zinc.

Users are generally happy with the results and find that it helps them achieve gains faster. It may not be the best formula on offer, but it’s a reasonable supplement that delivers on the modest claims it makes.

8 – Muscle Pharm Battle Fuel XT

This ‘4 stage testosterone system’ promises to help you ‘get jacked fast’, and once again, it relies on D-Aspartic Acid to deliver its results. Stage one is the ‘Testosterone Amplifier’ which uses the D-Aspartic Acid. Stage 2 is the ‘Testosterone Activator’, which relies on N-Acetyl Crinite.

The third stage is the ‘Muscle Growth Complex’, featuring Suma Extract 20:1, Maca 4:1, and Propionyl Carnitine. Finally, the 4th stage is the ‘Anti-Aromatize & Estrogen Suppression Matrix’, which uses Indole-3-Carbinol, DIM (Diindolylmethane).

Overall, the product receives great reviews and manages to cover a lot of bases for a test booster.

9 – Universal Nutrition ZMA Pro Natural Testosterone Booster

This highly regarded supplement uses ZMA to increase strength, muscle growth, and recovery. It’s a fairly simple formula compared to some options, but studies show that ZMA has several positive effects on IGF-1, which should aid your overall lean muscle mass.

While it’s a little ‘simpler’ than alternatives, it’s also pretty cheap – making it an excellent option for people on a tight budget.

What’s more, it boasts exceptionally positive reviews from most people who choose this as their test booster of choice.

10 – MuscleTech Alpha Test Natural Testosterone Booster

AlphaTest is another booster from the well-known MuscleTech brand, but this one has a slightly different focus. For anabolic purposes, it uses a blend of Saw Palmetto and Astaxanthin.

Additionally, it uses Rhodiola Crenulata and Ginkgo biloba which aims to enforce the optimal ratio of testosterone and cortisol after an intense workout, meaning optimal gains.


Using a testosterone booster is a smart move for anyone who’s looking to optimize their gains – but especially if you’re a slightly older guy who may not be lucky enough to have the optimal testosterone levels of a younger guy.

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Realize that your hormones play a fundamental role in the muscle-building equation, so doing anything you can to naturally enhance your test levels is a beneficial thing to do if you want to be stronger, leaner, and bigger.


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